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How to Practice Intuitive Skincare with Therapeutic Skin Coach, Hayley Wood

May 16, 2018

photo: Kristen Lo 


We are so excited about this week's blog post!! As you know, we are big fans of natural skincare and beauty, but today's guest takes things to another (fascinating) level. 


Tapping into our intuition and using it as a guiding force in our lives is (thankfully) becoming a much more popular and accepted topic in recent years, but unti we met Therapeautic Skin Coach, Hayley Wood, we hadn't thought to apply it to skin care.


Of course, it makes so much sense though! Our skin is our largest organ and it's a clear reflection of our internal state.


If you've been searching for a more holistic and intuitive way to care for yourself and your skin, today's interview is a MUST read.


Hi Hayley! We're SO excited to have you on the MLC blog! Tell us about yourself.  


My name is Hayley Wood and I’m the founder of the holistic facial practice and blog, Therapeutic Skin Coach. I’ve been an esthetician since 2006 after suffering from acne for over 11 years myself. I discovered how to heal myself through learning to listen to my skin’s communication with me and have been teaching my clients how to do so ever since. I’m originally from New Brunswick, Canada and have lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas before landing in Los Angeles, California back in 2012.  


What is an Intuitive Facial, and how does it differ from regular facials?


An intuitive facial is exactly what it sounds like, empowering you to listen to your own internal guidance towards understanding what their skin is communicating. When I discovered how to ground myself to use my intuition for my facials, it helped me customize the care according to the need of the skin as well as the intention for the client’s wellbeing. A regular facial can tend to be geared towards a preconceived protocol and takes away from the intuitive direction the skin may direct you in.


How can people practice intuitive skincare at home?


The best way to practice intuitive skincare at home would be to start by honoring your senses. If you are drawn to a product by its scent, feel, appeal, or whatever else, you will most likely benefit from the therapeutic components of the formula. If you’re just using something because you were recommended it, but don’t love it, that’s shutting down some pretty important communication your body is signaling to you that it may not be the best product for you.

 photo: Kristen Lo


What do you wish more people knew about skin care?


I would love if more people understood that there are no quick fixes in skincare. It’s a lifelong journey of having skin, so it’s important to treat and train it like every other organ and system. Also, I’m always really surprised when people don’t realize how it’s a reflection of internal health. All of our systems are connected and in constant communication, so it’s important to value that communication and respond with shame-free self-care practices accordingly.


What is the #1 thing people can do to change their skin?


Skin is in constant evolution, just like you, so just know that if you are consistent in your skincare, your skin will reflect that labor. Everything from hydrating with spring water and herbal infusions, clean and organic food intake, meditation and stress management, as well as sleep can be contributing factors to improving the functions of our skin.


What are your go-to essential oils for skin care?


Essential oils are tricky because each person will be drawn to different scents based off of their needs. For me, I stick with a lot of lavender or orange essential oils when making the ambiance of my treatment room feel good. Otherwise, I tend to let the client lead with their scent as that taps into their intuitive compass for what is going to benefit them.


What are your favourite skin care products/tools?


I am a huge fan of my multireflex tools for my practice because I’m also a facial reflexologist. They help me detect certain points that indicate an imbalance in the system, and they work to improve the yin and yang energy balance in the skin. Aside from that, gua sha jade and rose quartz stones are absolutely phenomenal for lymphatic support in the skin.


Which spa treatments/procedures do you advice against?


I don’t want to shame anybody on any practices really, but it can get a little frustrating to debunk a lot of common skin myths that circulate when a new procedure or product become mainstream as the go-to skin changing fad. All of those results are temporary as nothing permanently changes skin other than surgery.


I’m not a huge fan of all the individuals in LA that are constantly injecting themselves, peeling their skin, and then head off into our polluted and sunny atmosphere. The injections can be a potential silencer of reflexology points that need to be addressed on a nervous system level. However, if it is a part of your ritual that makes you feel beautiful - who am I to shame that? I would just rather have a conversation with the individual to give them a more long-term perspective on those choices.


What is your top tip for dry skin?


Essential fatty acids and mineral infusions can transform the skin. It’s also important to recognize the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is what you are born with and can be an ongoing factor in your life. Dehydrated skin is not getting enough internal nutrients.


A lot of internal factors such as a high intake of sugar, sodium, and processed foods can attribute to this dehydration as well, or it can be a sign that you’re minerally deficient and need to come up with a new way to absorb nutrients. That’s when food combinations can be key! Minimal exfoliation and tons of nourishment are ideal here. My personal favorite products are the vital balm by josh rosebrook, and the hyaluronic sea serum by Osea to address both these concerns.


Top tip for oily skin?


Don’t be afraid of oil! I know it might feel temporarily better to use a stripping agent to remove excess oil, but it’s best balanced with the right oil such as jojoba or olive oil. You can cleanse with it, moisturize with it, and massage your skin with it.


Also, if you’re feeling excessively oily you may want to look into your diet first. Perhaps your body is having difficulty breaking down some foods that are too rich for you and your skin is working so hard to eliminate excess waste. Keep an inventory of the foods or beverages that create this response so that you can prevent it from happening or adjust your skincare when it does.


Top tip for aging skin?


All skin is aging skin, if we’re lucky. Be kind to it. Be consistently nourishing to it. And lastly, understand that it will change. You’ll look different when you grow older, and that’s okay! Some people don’t get to have the privilege of living with the reflection of their life experience on their skin. Self-love and self-acceptance are key here.


For more amazing skin care and self love wisdom, visit Hayley on her site and Instagram!


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