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Gardener's Friend Hand Salve Recipe

April 11, 2018

Spring is here, and for many of us that means getting back to our gardens after a long winter! There is something almost magical about getting your hands in the soil and tending to your garden, and it's one of our favourite parts of the season!


Not as magical?  The dry, chapped skin that gardening can cause.  But relief is on the way!  In the March box, we included a recipe and all of the ingredients for a gardener's hand salve, and we wanted to share the recipe here as well!


This salve works double (well really, triple!) time- not only does it provide gentle relief to chapped hands, but it's also an insect repellent and soothes bug bites.  The citronella works to ward off insects, and the calendula and rose help to sooth bites and stings.




1 tablespoon olive oil

Pinch of calendula flowers

Pinch of rose petals

Pinch of St. John's wort

Pinch of beeswax

4 drops citronella

2 drops peppermint




1. Using a double boiler, infuse the botanicals in olive oil for 30 minutes, being sure the liquid does not boil.

2. Strain the flowers and compost them, retaining the infused oil.

3. Return the oil to the double boiler and add the pinch of beeswax to the oil and stir gently until melted and combined.

4. Pour into the storage tin and allow to cool slightly (but not set) and add essential oils once mixture is tepid. We decorated the top of our salve with a few rose petals just to give it an extra special touch.

5. Let sit until hardened.



An alternative to infusing the oil in a double boiler is to make a solar infusion.  Solar infused oil is simply using the sun to naturally infuse the oil with the goodness of herbs.


Place dried herbs or botanicals in a clean, dry jar and cover with your carrier oil (jojoba and olive are best for their long shelf life).  Place in a sunny spot or windowsill and shake daily. Strain the herbs after a few weeks and retain your infused oil for up to one year.


Happy gardening! :)


Share a picture of your salve, and all of this month's goodies, with us on Instagram using #mylemoncrate :)  And if you haven't ordered your box yet, head over here and choose between our DIY and handcrafted boxes!


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