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How To Create Your Own Macramé Car Diffuser

July 16, 2018


Did you catch our Instagram story on how to create your very own macramé (and yes, we're using that term very loosely!) car diffuser?  In our crate this month we sent you all the essentials for natural car care, and what better way to revamp the convenience store hanging tree from your dashboard mirror, than a beautiful, and handcrafted diffuser! This not only serves a dual purpose to freshen your car, but is also promoting natural living without breathing in harmful chemicals and dangerous fragrance filled toxins!


Not a DIY'er? Don't fret- do you know how to tie your shoes? That's about as complicated as this "craft" gets. So gather your supplies, and let's get started.




1. If you aren't a monthly My Lemon Crate subscriber yet and don't have all of the supplies needed, that's ok. The important things that you will need are natural (untreated/unfinished) wood rings- we chose maple rings to use. We liked the look of the large and small ring, but that's not set in stone either. Choose whatever size you'd want to see in your car everyday- or even just one ring if that's what strikes your fancy.  Here's some that are similar and could work, or you can check your local craft stores.


2. The cord is an organic natural cotton macramé cord- this too is something that comes in lots of shapes and sizes. We chose a 1.5mm cord so that it was sturdy but not bulky, and could pass through the opening in the beads. This would be just fine. There are so many color variations (you could even dye yours with beets, or hibiscus).


3. The beads are an optional element, but they are cute and provide a bit of a finished look. You can apply your essential oils directly to the unfinished wood (some oils will stain) or you can apply it to the macramé cord. We sent both a natural lava bead as well as a wooden bead. You could try a faceted bead or a series of beads- there's really no rules to this!


4. You can check out our replay of the process to create the tassel and assemble the diffuser in our Instagram highlights. It really is as simple as creating a lark knot, fastening the tassel, and stringing a bead.


We'd love to see your diffusers in action. Take a picture of your finished product and tag us @mylemoncrate or #diffusethesituation, and we'll send you our absolute favorite essential oil to add to freshen your car.



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