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Natural Beach Body Glow Oil Recipe

July 9, 2018

Some essential oils have furans in them, naturally derived from the seed/leaf/or rind. Furanoids act like prisms, amplifying UV light and the skin's exposure to the sun, tanning beds, and even when receiving radiation treatments. You can not wash off furanoids as they are already absorbed into your skin.

In your crate last month, we provided an all-natural body glow oil, free of phototoxic oils, to give you that sun-kissed appearance without the damaging effects of UV rays. 


Here's how to get beach body skin without baking in the sun:





- 4T Fractionated Coconut Oil

- 3T Organic Sunflower Oil

- 1T Organic Refined Coconut Oil

- Vitamin E Capsule

- 1/8tsp Cosmetic Grade Copper Mica 

- 1/8tsp Iron Oxide Minerals

- Wooden Skewer

- 4oz Glass Dropper Bottle



In a small glass container or measuring jug, melt the refined (solid) coconut oil. Short bursts in a microwave or placing in a warm oven for a few seconds is all it takes- you don’t want hot oil. Add in the sunflower oil, vitamin E, and fractionated oil. Spoon in both the mica powder and oxides and with a wooden skewer, stir well to combine, being sure to remove any clumps. Pour into the dropper bottle; Replace the dropper cap and shake well to combine.  


This hydrating glowing body oil will leave your skin sun-kissed with a subtle glow and very hydrated. Don't let the rich copper hue fool you, this oil is subtle and looks amazing on all skin tones. Caution : allow product to soak into skin before applying clothing, mica can transfer to clothing if not cautious. Favorite uses include, legs, arms, chest, and even face - just avoid immediate eye area. Skin test on inside of wrist before use all over. 


Creating a light but moisture-rich blend of oils perfect for summer use was the goal for our body oil. Replacing toxin filled self-tanners was an added beauty of this natural product. Topical use of sunflower oil creates a protective layer on the skin. With this kind of shield, the skin remains healthy, safe from sun effects, and glowing.


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