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Jade Facial Roller

Why Jade?:
It is said that Jade has healing powers against anxiety and fatigue. It helps to release tension and relax the muscles of the body. It is also said that Jade protects against negative energy.

What is it for:
Jade rollers are used to reduce inflammation in the face, drain toxins and improve blood circulation. They are used to make a lymphatic drainage, a massage technique that helps to release toxins and fluid from our body. Jade rollers help to release tension in facial muscles and to diminish lines. It increases the oxygenation of the skin and improves elasticity, resulting in a fresher and rejuvenated appearance.

How it is used:
Massage the face in sections with upward movements to drain the fluid from the face. Start from the center to the outside and from the bottom to the top. It is recommended to repeat the massage in each section of the face 3 times, and then move on to the next section.

Helpful Hint:
The roller is naturally cold, but for further relief, store in the refrigerator.

**Due to the natural stone, variations of color will occur**